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"Absolutely amazing! Whilst having a clear out at home recently I found a jar of this [Myrrh & Tea Tree] cream. Have no idea where and when it was purchased it, but it will be many years ago. Having suffered with finger nails affected by nail fungus for many, many years now and having had no real benefit from prescription and over-the-counter drugs I thought "Nothing to lose, I'll give it a go." Now three weeks down the road, I just can't believe how effective it has been in controlling the fungus. My thumbnail which was worst affected is today practically clear. Can't thank you enough for your product. Life changing!"
David Taylor
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

E. Armstrong
Blaydon, Tyne & Wear

"My husband has been troubled with some dry patches on his face which his GP has given him hydrocortisone cream for but it did not appear to do the job very well. Your Chickweed Cream has been fantastic and all but a little patch appears to have disappeared"
S. Gale

"Thank you very much for the Chickweed Cream, for processing the order so quickly. As I mentioned my mother in law is delighted with cream as her eczema & psoriasis are being kept in control with this cream”
Mr. A. Murray
Newcastle Upon Tyne

"I purchased some of your products at the Hexham Christmas Fair and have been absolutely delighted with them, in fact I can’t remember when my skin was last so clear”
H. Berg-Rust

"I bought this at the Hexham Christmas Fair – it is the only thing that has worked after trying all sorts of creams and preparations for 2 years. Thank you so much.”
L. Morgan

"After months of differing medications re the doctor for a nasty skin complaint I bought this product whilst on holiday in Alnwick last year. Within a short period the irritation went and for about the first time in 2 years my skin returned to normal. Wonderful.”
Mr. S. Young

"The cream is the only thing that eases my wife’s itching back, our GP has described all sorts but nothing of his works.”
Mr. W. Kindred

"I have been using your Comfrey Cream on my neck and found it has helped, I have very bad pain with arthritis there, also use it on my back. I find that a little goes a long way.”
Mrs. W. Scutt
Tunbridge Wells

"Thank you very much for the quick delivery. I think that the Calendula Lotion is fantastic”
L. Middlemiss

"At Hexham Christmas Fair I bought a small jar of your marigold cream which has worked wonders for chapped hands.”

"May I say that in all the years I have suffered with back trouble, this is exceptionally successful in alleviating the pain and stiffness. As I have had an aorta valve replacement I am limited to what creams, etc. I can use”
J. Colledge

"Thank you so much for sending me the Warming Comfrey cream. I find it helpful.”
B. Binnie

"I am writing to congratulate you on the Buzz Off Cream. I took a small pot last December to Australia where I was staying for 6 weeks in Melbourne. There were quite a lot of mosquitoes in the garden and also in the house but I found the cream was excellent and I would highly recommend it.”
S. Swales

"Alnwick Apothecary products have been great to use for all the family. We have used Myrrh & Tea Tree cream for acne and this has certainly soothed and calmed the skin. Arnica for bumps and bruises is brilliant, as is the Chickweed cream for dry skin conditions. We have used Marigold and Aloe cream to great effect on nappy rash. We have used creams on our son since he was a baby and have found them to be very effective. With thanks.”
Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis

"I visited Newcastle in August while on vacation and toured Hadrian Wall. While there I stopped by the gift shop and bought a small jar of Myrrh & Tea Tree cream. I am using it on a fungal skin rash with good results.”
M. Ryan
Florida, USA

"This product is absolutely wonderful! Have been using conventional creams like Germoloids for years. This beats them all hands down. Have just ordered more! Also great for bags under the eyes – applied some just before a modelling job today and looked much better for it".
C. Marullo

"I bought this product from the castle and really enjoy it. It is wonderful for my skin. I recommend it to other women of colour. Good product especially for ethnic skin.”
T. Talavera

"I use the Calendula as a face and body cream and I love it, I must have spent hundreds of pounds over the years on expensive face creams and none of them are that great. The Calendula smells great and hydrates my skin and the pores appear smaller and it calms irritated skin.”
L. Middlemiss

"Many thanks for sending me the jar of Horse Chestnut and Yarrow cream to try. A friend has tried it and said how soothing it was.”
J. Vaughan

"I am ready to order some more products... the Warming Comfrey cream has proved very popular with my clients as many of them are elderly and suffer from arthritis. The Chickweed cream and Horse Chestnut creams have helped a few clients out immensely!”
D. Moore

"May I say this is the only cream that relieves the aches efficiently.”
J. Colledge

"Thank you so much for sending the cream so quick, I have used the cream three times and I already feel the difference.”
Mrs. B. Astle

"Received the Horse Chestnut & Yarrow cream today. Thank you so much – it is greatly appreciated.”
M. Stimpson

"Hi. I have used your Yarrow & Chestnut cream and found it excellent.”
L. Goldsborough

"Can I first congratulate and thank you for your wonderful products – better than any other aromatherapy brands I have used (and I’ve tried an awful lot).”
Mrs. P. Nichols

"Just to say thanks to you, we met at the borders green festival when we were visiting our daughter. The Buzz Off cream was really excellent and I have had to order some more, it works really well on both us humans and our two collie dogs walks are so much more comfortable, no swatting flies, etc. So again many thanks.”
J Cameron
N. Ireland

"Hi. Just a short note to say a big thank you. I have spent pounds on skin care and I got some off you this year in the market place in Alnwick. It was fantastic – it cleared the skin up fast and I use it sparingly now and I am almost out of the Chickweed Skin cream and I would recommend this to anyone as it does work. Has given me the confidence back to show my hands in public again after a lot of years. This is the one that really should be recommended to any one – it was worth every penny.”
Mr. A. Swordy

"I will certainly purchase more of this cream from you in the future, as my wife swears by its properties when applied to a large and irritating scar she has on her back. Once again thank you."
Mr. B. Young

"I was going to purchase your Myrrh And T Tree cream for my foot which has had a fungal infection of some sorts and found to be very good in the past.”
Mr. K. Beckett

"It is early days, but thought you’d like to know that the chickweed based cream you recently sent, appears to be working. My skin irritation had been flaring-up since Oct. last year, so congratulations, and many thanks indeed. I shall spread the word."
E. Miket

"I have used your Calendula lotion for myself and my daughter with great results on my daughter’s dry skin.”
A. Duglas

"Hi. I bought some Warming Comfrey cream at Beamish to treat my frozen shoulder. I find it very beneficial.”
C. Ward

"Just to say... a "very big thank you” for my Chickweed Cream that has just arrived... super servic... so fast!! Certainly will be keeping your site for future reference... & will be ordering more very soon... will also be informing my friends... can’t thank you enough "
T. Purnell

" Good morning, I would like to say that I have just placed an order with yourselves after purchasing two of your products from the Tourist Information Centre in Berwick, the products are fantastic.”
Mrs. K. Barnes

"Hello. I’ve tried a small jar of your Horse Chestnut & Yarrow cream and it really works."
A. Shaw

"I first bought your Product name several years ago from Anwick Tourist Information Centre when we were on a walking holiday in Northumberland and my knees and thighs were really suffering. I couldn’t believe the relief it gave and have been using your products since then."
Mrs. P. Nichols

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