Natural lotions

Handmade remedies for dry skin and rashes

Our lotions are made using only pure, natural ingredients. The finest quality aromatic waters (not the inferior hydrolats) are carefully blended together with pure essential oils and herbal infusions in a superb organic base lotion. Lovingly handmade lotions that are ideal for treating a broad range of skin conditions.

Calendula Lotion

A natural cream for dry skin, rashes and sunburn

Chickweed & Aloe Lotion

A natural remedy for dry itchy skin conditions

Frankincense & Myrrh Lotion

A natural nourishing treatment for skin disorders

Rose & Lavender Lotion

A natural remedy for skin blemishes

Why buy natural handmade lotions made with herbal products?

The simply gorgeous aromatic waters which are used in our lotions and toners have been distilled in such a way as to retain their highly therapeutic properties.  They are pure water which is enriched during the distillation process with both the essential oil and the water soluble volatile components of the plant.  These valuable components give additional properties which are not present in the essential oils alone.  Substances, such as Hydroxy acid for instance, help to modify and balance the action of the essential oils.  Aromatic waters capture a broader range of not only the water soluble, but also the fat soluble parts of a plant and it is this which contributes to not only their effectiveness but also to their safety. 

In addition, Affinity Herbals use superior quality ingredients and we always ensure that our herbal remedies are free from chemicals such as parabens, sodium laurly sulphates, steroids, petro-chemicals, artificial colours and perfumes, formaldehyde, isothiazolines, lanolin, synthetic preservatives, TEA (triethylomine) & DEA (diethanolamine).