Natural massage and bath oils

Handmade oils to help relax, restore and stimulate

Affinity Herbals have produced a range of massage and bath oils as nature intended.  We have a blend here to suit all of your needs and moods, from indulgent to reviving. Enjoy!

Sensual Blend

A natural stimulating massage and bath oil

Sleepy Lavender Blend

A natural relaxing massage and bath oil

Joints Ease Blend

Naturally ease rheumatic pain and aching joints

Muscles Blend

A natural way to soothe and warm aching muscles

Why buy natural handmade massage and bath oils made from herbal products?

Our testimonials speak for themselves about the effectiveness of these natural handmade massage and bath oils. In addition, Affinity Herbals use superior quality ingredients and we always ensure that our herbal remedies are free from chemicals such as parabens, sodium laurly sulphates, steroids, petro-chemicals, artificial colours and perfumes, formaldehyde, isothiazolines, lanolin, synthetic preservatives, TEA (triethylomine) & DEA (diethanolamine).