Herbal products

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Skin creams

Natural plant based balms, creams, toners and oils for skin conditions
Natural skin creams

Muscle and joint

Effective relief from problems such as aching painful muscles and joints
Muscle and joint creams


Natural products to help with the symptoms of circulatory problems
Circulation creams


Natural relief from the symptoms of fungal and viral infections
Anti-infective creams

Insect repellents

Carefully crafted insect repellents naturally free from harsh chemicals
Natural insect repellents

Natural lotions

Lovingly handmade lotions are ideal for treating a range of skin conditions
Handmade natural lotions

Massage and bath oils

A range of oils ideal for relaxation, stimulation and pain relief
Massage and bath oils


Gentle handmade shampoos rich in aromatic waters and essential oils
Natural shampoos