Common queries about natural herbal remedies

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about natural handmade herbal remedies, creams, balms, oils and lotions. We have also tried to answer common questions that relate to shopping on our site, placing orders, delivery and payment options. Click on a question to reveal the answer.

Product information

Yes all of our creams can indeed be used by all ages from the very young to the elderly.
Most of our products can be used by pregnant women as they are both safe and gentle. Care should be taken, however, with using those which contain Rosemary. These include our Warming Comfrey Balsam, Rosemary & Nettle Shampoo, Muscles Blend Massage Oil & Joints Ease Massage Oil.
No. We are careful to ensure that all of our ingredients are of non-animal origins.

Product ingredients

Essential oils are aromatic plant extracts each of which has its own distinctive aroma and therapeutic use. They occur in various different parts of plants and their use can be traced back to ancient times. Most have antibacterial properties and all have a remarkable ability to encourage the healing process and to regenerate new skin tissue. These properties make them valuable alternatives to more chemical based remedies. They work by being absorbed into the skins pores and are then absorbed into the bloodstream. In this way they can be attracted to the areas where they will be most beneficial.
Naturally occurring plant oils have concentrated goodness which has a natural affinity for the skin. They have a finer molecular structure than chemical/petroleum based oils which means that they are far more easily absorbed. Natural oils from plants, seed and nuts have been used for 1000’s of years. They do not need any additional preservatives as bacteria cannot live in oils, making them superior for sensitive skin. Oils such as sweet almond and grapeseed are very compatible with the skin and are well known for their anti-ageing powers.
Tinctures are mostly produced by steeping the plant material in an alcohol water mixture for at least two weeks. When strained the resulting liquid is called a tincture. This creates a potent medicine which includes all elements of the plant working synergistically together. This is far more effective that chemical based medicines which are formulated from one or two synthetically produced, isolated principles.

Shopping and payment

Browse through the different products on the site, and when you have found the product you'd like to purchase, simply click 'ADD TO BASKET' and a new window/tab will open containing your basket. Continue browsing if you'd like to purchase more products, or checkout by clicking on the ‘CHECK OUT’ button in the open window/tab. If you accidentally close the window/tab you can open it again by clicking on ‘MY BASKET’ at the top right of any page within the site.
You don't need to open an account with us prior to shopping on the website. Payments are securely handled by PayPal and if you don't have a PayPal account you can pay safely by card without registering with PayPal either.
An email will automatically be sent to you as the order is processed, then you will receive another when your order has been dispatched.
PayPal, Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, American Express and most major credit/debit cards.PayPal, Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, American Express and most major credit/debit cards.

Shipping, returns and refunds

All orders will be despatched as soon as is possible from the time of ordering. Orders sent will be sent out by 2nd class post and will usually be with you within 2-3 working days (within the UK). If, however, you require a faster delivery please get in touch with us directly.
Yes we do send orders internationally. Please contact us regarding any extra payment for shipping that may be required. This will depend on your country and the total weight of your order (but will be kept to a minimum).
If there is a problem with your order, due to breakages or faulty goods for example, then please inform us, either by telephone, email or post. We we will ensure that you are given either a replacements or a full refund.
All purchases made from websites are covered by The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Your purchases from this website are protected by law and there is a cancellation period of 7 working days.

Website security and privacy

This is a secure website and your browser address bar will confirm this by showing a padlock icon next to our secure address, which is https://www.affinityherbals.co.uk. All communications between your browser and this website are secure, and all transactions are securely handled by PayPal. PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared (not even with Affinity Herbals) and your bank, credit or debit card details are safeguarded. PayPal also protects your purchases so just in case there is a problem you can get your money back and with each purchase a confirmation email receipt is immediately sent to you.
Your browser will only show the padlock icon next to a website address if that website is secure. In addition, secure website addresses differ to normal domains in that they start with https, rather than just http. As an added layer of security, PayPal processes all orders, so no personal financial details are shared with Affinity Herbals. PayPal is now one of the most used online payment solutions. Around the world tens of thousands of retailers (including Zara, Top Shop, Savile Row Company, Boots, Superdrug) use PayPal to securely process online transactions. Your financial details are never shared, your bank, credit or debit card details are safeguarded and PayPal also protects your online purchases.
Please rest assured that all the information you share with us is private and confidential. At no point will we share or sell your personal information without your consent. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

If your questions has not been answered by any of the above FAQs, please do not hesitate to get in touch for assistance.

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