Natural anti-infective creams

Handmade antiseptic & anti-infective remedies

Affinity Herbals use the anti-infective properties of pure plant based ingredients to bring you relief from the symptoms of infections. These handmade remedies are ideal for dealing with infections caused by fungus or virus. Problems such as athlete’s foot, warts, molloscum and verruca are easily eradicated by these products.

Myrrh & Tea Tree Cream

A natural antiseptic, anti-fungal & anti-infective

Thuja & Lemon Cream

Natural treatment of skin problems, warts & moles

Buzz Off Cream

A natural insect, mosquito, gnat & fly repellent

Tick Away Oil

A natural tick repellent for humans & animals

Why buy natural handmade anti-infective creams made with herbal products?

Our testimonials speak for themselves about the effectiveness of these natural handmade anti-infective creams. In addition, Affinity Herbals use superior quality ingredients and we always ensure that our herbal remedies are free from chemicals such as parabens, sodium laurly sulphates, steroids, petro-chemicals, artificial colours and perfumes, formaldehyde, isothiazolines, lanolin, synthetic preservatives, TEA (triethylomine) & DEA (diethanolamine).