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I am a fully qualified medical herbalist with many years experience.

Our range of traditional herbal products initially came about following a consultation which had been arranged by the parents of a very young girl who was suffering very badly with eczema. She entered the consulting room looking like a little mummy as she had been placed into body wraps by her hospital doctors. All conventional treatments had failed and, indeed, the bandages would stick making her very sore. They came to me in desperation, so I gave her an internal prescription of herbs and also made up a cream in an attempt to give her some relief from the terrible itching and soreness. Two weeks later when she attended for her follow up consultation I was amazed to see, not only no bandages but her skin free from eczema and wonderfully healed – without scars or dryness. This miraculous cream went on to become our very popular Chickweed Skin Balm.

Further products were added to the ranges either as a result of consultations or direct requests from customers.

All of our products have proved to be highly effective and it is always such a thrill when a customer gets in touch to sing the praises of our products or to thank us for the relief that they are experiencing. This can be even more thrilling when someone gets in touch to report that a product is beneficial for a problem which is was not originally intended.

One such case was when a lady from Gloucestershire rang to say that she had purchased some Horse Chestnut & Yarrow Cream whilst on holiday. It turned out that she had been suffering with restless legs for over 20 years and that this cream, although intended to help with varicose & thread veins, had helped her so much that she had just had her best nights sleep in years.

All products are made by hand, with love and care in the beautiful countryside of Northumberland, United Kingdom. Our ingredients are the best that can be sourced, organic were possible. They are, quite naturally, free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, SLE’s, SLS’s, petro chemicals, artificial perfumes or preservatives. According to the WWF when the word ‘parfum’ is used on a product it is code for up to 100 potentially allergenic chemicals. All of our fragrances come from the use of pure essential oils and natural plant extracts. Our products are clinically tested for safety - but never on animals. Many years of use by totally satisfied customers are testimony to the efficacy of these products.

Top selling products

Chickweed Skin Balm

A natural remedy for itchy, flaky, dry skin

Warming Comfrey Balsam

A natural analgesic for aching muscles and joints

Capsicum Cream

A natural anti-rheumatic and a warming stimulant

Marigold & Aloe Cream

A natural soothing and healing remedy